“Wha… What did you do to my hair mom?” Ryan asked inspecting his now long blonde hair in his fingers.
“It’s not only your hair sweetie” His mom chuckled.
Ryan looked at her puzzled but then he begin to feel something is very, very wrong about his body. When he looked down, he screamed in a high-pitched voice. He was now a girl.
“Why mom?! Why did you turn me into a girl” Ryan asked in panic.
“To teach you some humility. How many times have you crossed the line with your sexist comments towards your sister? I’ve been counting them for the last year and for every insult I was adding a month into your punishment. Do you want to know how many I have counted?” His mom asked. Ryan swallowed hard and nodded.
“480, do you know how long it will be? Exactly 40 years”.
Ryan’s jaw dropped. He can’t be possibly a woman for 40 years but his mom was always true to her word and Ryan knew that she is not joking.

“Please mom there must be another way” Ryan wanted to change her mind, but his mom was adamant.
“40 years, that’s it. You’d better stop thinking of yourself as a boy since I doubt that after all this time you will want to change back” His mom smirked and headed towards the living room but before entering she turned to face him “Oh, and you should come and see me soon. We have to talk about some girly stuff like your period since you’re going to expirience a lot of them” She laughed.
Ryan let out a sigh and leaned his back against the wall. It was at this moment he started to regret every word he said to his sister.


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