Lamar was a young, strong man who would sometimes take things a little too far. Single and ready to find a stunning woman he decided to move out of town and into the suburbs where he could some “fine girls” as he would say. He liked the kind of woman who went all out, wearing fancy dresses and heels. Blonde women mainly. He hoped that this was the kind of woman who would live next door to him, but that was not the case. His next door neighbor was actually a racist black man who couldn’t stand the sight of white people. Lamar was unaware of this until the next morning. As Lamar was putting the trash out, his racist black neighbor Kyle was standing next to his teenage son Jeremy on the front lawn. 

“Look son, a white trash! Stay away from that man you hear me?”

“Yes father!”

“Excuse me? Did you just call me a trash?”

Yes I fucking did! You have a problem with that boy?”

Oh now you done fucked up!” Lamar shouted as he slowly walked back into his house. That’s when Lamar conducted a brilliant scheme to get back at Kyle and at the same time solve his own problem of being single. The next day as Jeremy finished school a car pulled up next to him and Lamar jumped out, placed a bag over his head and tied his hands to his feet before throwing him into the back of his car. “Hey! Untie me! Somebody help!”

“Shut the fuck up! Nobody is going to help you now! You can scream all you like!”

A week had passed now and Kyle was still looking for his son who had gone missing. The entire neighborhood was helping Kyle find his son. The entire neighborhood except for Lamar because he went out that night to a restaurant with Kyle’s son Jeremy, or now Jenny as she likes to call herself. Even Lamar had to admit that Jenny looked damn good in the red dress and high heels.

“Jenny baby, you look stunning!”

“Aww thanks, babe, when we get home tonight I’m going to reward you!” Jenny whispered seductively. Jeremy’s memory had been erased after Lamar kidnapped him and through the work of hypnosis and surgery he had Jeremy believe that he was always a white woman who was married to Lamar. This was his new life forever and it was all done out of revenge for the racist abuse. Kyle had dished out that day. Eventually, Kyle had put the pieces together. He noticed how around about the same time Jeremy disappeared, Jenny had moved in with Lamar. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened, but he couldn’t prove it. There was nothing he could do about it. He had to sit there and take it. Just like how his son Jenny takes it every night with Lamar.

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