She can’t expect me to wear this, can she? I can hardly breathe. Sure, it isn’t some kind of old-timer corset, but it’s still damn uncomfortable. I get it, I should know what women go through just to be noticed. But, c’mon. She is taking things a bit far just to prove a point. Now she’s just hammering it in. I had to shave my beard for this. I had been growing it for years, and maybe it didn’t look too good, but it is hard for me to grow a beard. At least it made me look older. Being described as “boyish” will never be a compliment. And with all the gunk she put on me I can hardly move my face. Look at this stupid expression. I can’t even keep my mouth closed. Sure, I’ll admit that having my entire body smooth and hairless is oddly pleasant. It was weird, at first. Especially as they got rid of all the calloused skin around my feet. I’m so sensitive now. like I can almost feel the oxygen in the air. Once I got used to it I began liking it. I feel reborn, as cheesy as it may sound. If it wasn’t for these constricting clothes I’d be floating around.

“Hey, Mary!” she called from the other room Mary is the new name she chose for me. “I found the perfect dress for you to wear. l almost feel sorry for her. She’s gone through a lot of effort to give me this make-over, and it was all for nothing. I mean, look ridiculous. There’s no way I will look passable as a girl. Look at how skinny l am. You could put make-up and lingerie on a broomstick, but it would be a broomstick. It’s time to get this over with, “Sure,” I said with some unease. “I’m wearing this ridiculous thing.”Oh!” she gasped, as she entered through the door. I could sense her budding dismay at how bad I looked. “You look fucking hot! Wait, what? “You’re not going to like this, but I invited over my friends,” she said cackling. “Put this on quickly. You will want to give a good first impression!”

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