It was time to take the relationship to the next level and Gary knew it. After years of marriage to the leading sex change doctor in the world, the relationship grew stale. Doctor Rebecca loved her husband and would never think of divorce, but she wanted Gary to see the world from a woman’s perspective. Following a long discussion, Gary started the transformation process. The hormone therapy started to smooth Gary into Sylvia. As her breasts grew, her skin softened, and the shape of her body changed. Using his own cells, Rebecca grew a uterus, vagina, and cervix. In the past, part of the male anatomy would be used to create female looking parts. They functioned generally well, but the created girl parts required stretching and lubrication. The incubated parts worked and felt exactly like a real woman; no stretching or lubrication required, but don’t let that stop you. The magical day came. Gary fell asleep on the surgery table as Rebecca went to work installing the last piece to his transformation. After surgery Sylvia was so excited at how awesome she looked and felt. After a few weeks of healing, Rebecca and Sylvia could enjoy each other like never before. It was at this time Rebecca wanted to see Sylvia experience life as a woman does. She brought in a young chiseled man to take her virginity. I could give more details, but let me just say a girl never forgets her first time.

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