The Rich Life !!

February 13, 2018 TG Transformation 0

“Let me introduce to you, my wonderful girlfriend Lucy!” Antony introduced me to his parents.He had a very formal way of speaking to them which […]

First Lady !!

February 13, 2018 TG Transformation 0

“What did you just do? You announced your engagement! To me!” I yelled as I entered my ‘partners’ office. “I can’t be a bachelor forever, […]

Twin Trouble !!

February 11, 2018 TG Transformation 0

And the winner of today’s program is Miss Annie Bellstrom winning $11,001 as well as a spot on next week’s grand final!” the announcer said, […]

Long Journey !!

February 10, 2018 TG Transformation 0

Working alone as a research scientist has many benefits, you don’t have to share the glory with anyone else, and there’s no colleague to steal […]