“Fuck those bitches’ man, probably all dykes turning down a super stud like me. None of them were that hot anyway.”
“At least they bought me that drink before the bar kicked me out. It tasted weird though, what kind of name is a Sweet Revenge for a drink anyway.”
“Oh god I feel weird, what is happening to me, where did all my sweet muscles go? My arms are like toothpicks!
I’m getting so thin my pants are falling off. Oh, God. What was in that drink?”

“What is this, my pants are squeezing in to fit my new slender waist, but they don’t look anything like my pants anymore. What kind of an outfit is this anyway, it looks like something a fa… oh getting dizzy, like something a f…”
“Like something a dancer would wear. That must be what I am. It is hard to think about anything right now, my head just feels so fluffy. If this is a dancer’s outfit, I guess I had better start dancing, what better place to do it than right here?”

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