Sweet Favour !!

“We are just going to do this once, then we will forget all about it,” Joel said as he got in position and ready for me. “Don’t think I will ever let you do this again.” “I am sure you will beg me, Julie, but I will remember you to say no,” I teased.I put my hand on Joel’s surprisingly round bottom and I could hear him briefly moan. It was strange seeing him like this, but I can’t deny that I really did want to make out with him. Even if it was only going to be this one time, it would be a special time. “No, I’m not the one that’s gonna be begging,” Joel said. “You will beg for another go. I will be just fine.” Do you think I’m so desperate for sex that have to beg my male friends to dress up like chicks for me?”I said as I laughed.”This is your idea, remember?” Look, do you think I want you to make out with me?

Nah, I’m doing this as a favour to you,” Joel said. “And I’ve spent the whole day getting ready for this, so don’t tease me. Just get on with it!” Oh, you want it. Don’t you? You keep pretending like as if you are reluctant and all, but I know that you want to feel my body,” I said. “You let me catch you dressed up in a skirt on purpose. You just want me to fill you up .” Get over yourself, mate,” Joel said. “Yeah, I do occasionally dress up, but I am not a girl. And if I wanted ‘some sweet pleasure, ‘then I could get a guy much hotter than you to do it.” I pulled up Joel’s skirt, and while I was impressed at his femininely shaped ass (he must do a lot of squats!) I was surprised to see him giggling and excited.”Are you still going to pretend that you don’t like men?” I asked.Just shut up, mate. I am not into guys talking,” Joel said. “Just do it already and leave”.

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