Sweet Dreams !!

It all started with a dream. Or rather, a series of dreams. Not metaphorical dreaming about a better future, but actual dreams that infested in your mind during your sleeping hours. Obsessive dreams that you’d love to categorise as nightmares and forget about, but you can’t. Because they are pleasant. Heavenly pleasant. You want these dreams to come true so bad, and you hate that.You’re a man. You consider yourself to be the perfect man, polite,courteous and educated. You’ve been told several times in your life that you are tiny,short and weak, but you know that a real man knows how to rise above physical limitations. You know that to be a real man, you have to act like it. You’ve read so many books on the subject, you know what it means to be a real gentleman. You dress well and you are always chivalrous to those around you. People like you. You’re a good man.But then you started having these dreams, these dreams where you weren’t a man. Where you woke up, brushed your long hair and put on a dress. You would dream about baking girl cupcakes, listening to 80’s pop hits and dancing around wearing heels. You would apply make-up in the mirror, and leave a little red kiss in the corner. You felt so cute and so wonderful in these dreams, and you began to resent that.You weren’t supposed to dream about being girly. You weren’t supposed to embrace being small. You hated your lack of height. You hated your lack of muscles.You certainly hated your lack of inches “down there.” But in your dreams, all of that, just seemed to please you. It began driving you nuts. Especially when the men started appearing in your dreams.Oh yes, suddenly you weren’t just a girl in your dreams, but a girlfriend. You dreamt of them manhandling you, pulling you close to their muscled bodies and kissing your neck and face. You giggled with delight as you felt like a delicate flower being plucked from the ground by their safe and firm hands. These dreams all felt so real, and it haunted you that you felt more engaged with these men than you’ve felt with any woman in your life. No woman ever made you feel so loved, as these anonymous men in your dreams. Still, you were willing to repress all of it. You were willing to tell yourself that this is just a phase, perhaps something wrong with your brain that could be medicated away. You weren’t a sissy. You weren’t a girl. You are a man, and you will get past this strange nighttime obsession. The men in your dreams, they were all faceless, just props for you to lean against. They didn’t mean anything. No, they didn’t signify any actual desire within you. But then you met Luke Ah, shit. Everything came to a climax that you could never have predicted. That dream, that first dream you had where Luke showed up. You got so excited. You’ve been repressing all your lust for his body, and now he showed up in your dream and he could do all the things you wanted. His face was clear, he wasn’t anonymous, it was Luke. He was going to fuck you. You could deny your attraction to him and say that it was just another dream, another meaningless dream, but you can’t. Not when you woke up having experienced the greatest lovemaking of your life, without even touching yourself. Your sheets were soaked, it was all the proof you needed. Your dreams needed to come true… you needed to become this sissy.

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