“Come along, Missy husband! Stop simpering and take your Master’s arm when he commands you to! He ‘s the man of the house now!

“B-but…two week ago I was the man of the house! How could this have happened to me?

“We’ve been through this a million times. You’re just too short to be the head of a household. Sorry, but I can ‘t respect a man who I have to look down upon. But I take the sanctity of marriage very seriously, so I had to look at ways to make our union work. That’s when I hit upon the idea that we should both have a Master!

“T -too short? I ‘m five foot eight!

“Yes, but I ‘m six foot two. And Ralph here is six foot five – now that’s what I call a man!

“This is ridiculous!

“Is it? Look at the changes he ‘s implemented in our lifestyle in just 14 days! Under your ’leadership’, we ‘just sit around eating junk food and watching T V…but now we ‘re a proper pair of clean-living, wholesome Stepford wives! I ‘m about to start a new office job and your homemaking skills are coming along brilliantly!

“Sigh…can I at least change out of these heels? They hurt so much!

“Absolutely not! In fact, we’re in town today to buy you some even higher heels! We’re getting our new kitchen fitted today and it’s optimized for people over six foot so you ‘re going to need some new footwear! Come along, sissy husband!

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