Mark looked at his aunt with a bit of confusion as he sat on the chair wearing arevealing white lingerie and stockings. She said

“I think it’s time we both stop acting as if you’re still my nephew and start behaving like you’re what you really are don’t you?”

A small bit of his mind was screaming at him to tell her she’s crazy but it was as if it was miles away and he could hardly hear it .As Evelyn smiled at her nephew she could see the confusion behind his stare. It’s taken her more than a year to get him to this point but it’s now time to drive the whole process home. She was well prepared before he even arrived and had started the first day on the way home from the airport. He probably never noticed the subtle difference in his treatment. Everything was done in a very slow methodical way to work in conjunction with the programing CD’s she kept playing throughout the house during the day and the special ones she played to be heard in his room while he slept.

He was wearing panties now every day with no notice that he was doing it. The undergarments and even most of his clothes have been slowly changed out to the point that he now walks around the house like he is now wearing panties, an extra-long shirt and now even a training bra to support his blossoming breast. This is the point where besides the hair care, Marcia has to start to learn makeup skills and begin wearing skirts and dresses. The introduction of her new name, Marcia is critical at this point. She’ll soon forget that she was ever Mark.


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