Stunning Comeback !!

Elena still can’t believe how her life changed since was away the last year. But after she failed the government required Gender Confirmation Examination for some weird reasons, Evan’s future was that of a girls. Evan tried to appeal the results of the physical examination, where his physique was found to be unworthy to stay a boy. The legislation behind the GCE was put into place due to the fact, that the gender of a baby would be determined now prior to birth. This lead to serious issues as there were way to few girls born every year. GCE was the governments solution to the soon decline of population. But he only failed by about a few minor things, so he still had hope. Later that year, Evan received his train ticket to the government facility, where the GCE treatments would happen. The GCE treatments had been standardised over the years and included a complete sex change from male to female and the implantation of a female reproductive system, so Evan knew that his fate was sealed.

As he arrived at the facility Evan became Elena, Elena could not remotely imagine how a boy like he was could be turned into a girl. But Elena was soon to learn that it was easier then she could imagine. In the last year Evan became Elena, received behavioural consultation and her body was changed into a girls. Even though Evan tried to resist, it was obvious that Evan’s future was Elena. Over the last year Evan wondered how her fellow class mates, which had known her as Evan would react to her. Her parents told her, that they are so proud of her, that she was brave, but warned her, that they don’t wish to be grand-parents anytime soon. Today Elena would return to her old school and reintroduce herself to her fellow classmates, and she was sure, she would make a stunning return. 

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