Victor stood in the park and looked at his watch. He had been waiting for over an hour for his girlfriend Michelle to come back with his body. Earlier in the day, she had talked him into switching bodies for an hour just ‘to see how it is’. Now she had missed their meeting in the park to switch back. As soon as the spell had taken effect Victor found himself in Michelle’s body and feeling very feminine. Michelle had quickly disappeared in the direction of some bars and Victor tried to decide what to do next. Instinctively he headed for the shops and spent his hour looking at clothes in boutiques. He was surprised as to just how much he had enjoyed it. But now it was time to change back. As much as it had been a very pleasant experience he had no intention of staying as a girl for more than an hour. However, Michelle had not turned up. He waited another hour sitting on a park bench but the sun was beginning to set and he was getting cold.

He was only wearing a thin top and a very short miniskirt and it did little to protect him from the gathering chill. His heels were hurting him and he just wanted to go home and have a bath. He had noticed that the longer he stayed in Michelle’s body the more he felt the need to do feminine things. He had even begun to wonder about how to style his hair. Victor tried to stay focused on getting his body back and tried to think about the game that evening that he was going to watch with his buddies. He tried to remember how his team was doing but instead, he found himself wondering about the cheerleaders and how much fun it must be to be on the cheer team. After another half, an hour Victor had to resign himself to the terrible doubt that was gnawing at him. Michelle wasn’t coming back. Not in half an hour, not in an hour, not ever.

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