Gavin awoke confused and uncomfortable. His attempts to stretch were met with resistance from something cold and stiff that seemed to be encasing him. The material creaked with every movement, and it took a great amount of effort for him to stand up and make his way over to the mirror. What he was wearing turned out to be a full body suit, made of some sort of shiny black material. Panicked, he turned in the mirror to see if there was a zip when suddenly it froze him into place, absolutely unable to move. Then it started to change him. The suit constricted painfully about his waist, compressing it to an impossibly small size, whilst at the same time expanding around his ass and hips to give him an exaggerated hourglass figure. The legs and arms of the suit slowly retracted, leaving behind limbs that were shapely and smooth. Gavin felt with horror a pair of breasts forming as the chest of suit expanded, pulling his skin with it.

His neck still turned towards the mirror, Gavin was forced to watch as long hair sprouted from his head, cascading down around a face that became more feminine with every passing second. What was left of the bodysuit was now a latex
dress. Finally, the dress unfroze, leaving Gavin free to explore his new body. He knew that he should scream; that he should be tearing and scratching at the material and doing anything he could to remove it. Instead, though, Gavin found his hand reaching for the space between his legs. And as the suit continued to pollute his mind, it wouldn’t be long before he was groping other things too…

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