Strong Macho guy to sweet submissive Girl.

Lonny turned to look at his sister Genna and saidas he put his hand on his hip, just because you put me in this long haired wig and a dress don’t think for a minute that some body will mistake me for a girl. Genna almost laughed right in his face as she looked at her macho younger brother. She didn’t want to risk pissing him off before they got to her friend Rhonda’s house. Today was the day Rhonda would bring him out of the post hypnotic trance he’s been in for nearly the past year. All of her friends would be there, the same girls who were there when Lonny had boasted that he didn’t believe in all that hypnosis crap and he couldn’t be hypnotized, Rhonda said she could do it and and they made a bet. If he loses he’d have to be her servant for a year. If she lost the same would apply, Rhonda owed him some pay back for trying to take advantage of her when she came home drunk from a night at the club. Genna had followed her instructions and helped him to get ready today. The wig, dress and shoes were all brought over a month ago by Rhonda. They were just the finishing touches to Lonny’s self feminization. He’d gone out the next day after he was hypnotized and gotten started. The hormone shots have worked wonders,compliments of the sypathetic doctor Rhonda suggested he see. He’s even got some healthy A cups in the padded bra he put on before they left. Genna will be glad to have a sister as her brother was a jerk just like their dad before mom divorced him. Lori will soon wake up to her new life as Rhonda’s girtfriend.
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