Strange Dream !!

Jerry awoke from a strange dream where he thought he’d heard his mom and his sister standing near his bed talking quietly. Amy, his sister was asking her if she was sure it was time? His mother told her he’s already starting to bud just like you did before your breast blossomed. It’s time we got our Jenny into a bra and some panties. The hormones have had long enough to start to show their effects. Jenny’s little tush has already gotten too big for her old jeans and I’m not buying anymore boys clothes. Amy giggled as she said im going to enjoy having a little sister to swap clothes with mom. It’ll be so much better without having a horrid little brother that can’t stay out of trouble. Is that CD you play for him every nite the reason he hasn’t noticed how long his hair has gotten or what’s happening to his body? Ann chuckled as she said he’ll notice in the morning, tonight’s the last of it. That’s a cute bra and panty set you picked out, l like the pattern.
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