Strange Desires !!

It is hard to believe that it has gone this far. You really never could have predicted this. That you’d fall this deep into the hole of feminization. You’re beyond being a little ‘femme.’ You’re an outright girl, now. All because of a little catfishing.You never meant any harm by it. Sure, you did get a lot of guys to buy you things while pretending to be female, but it wasn’t anything too big. You didn’t get them to buy you apartments or new cars. Just a few items every now and then. It was your reward for making them feel good. Making them feel like as if they were good men. You liked flirting with them.At first it was only chatting. You went on random sites where you could chat with random strangers and you never thought much about it. But inevitably, you ended up making lasting connections. Some of the men you talked to, they wanted more and some of them… Well, some of them were really nice.

You didn’t want to stop chatting with them.You keep telling yourself that you are heterosexual. You’ve never had sex with a guy. You’ve only dated women. But you have to admit,there is something a little gay about encouraging another man to jack off by describing just what you would like to do with his hard-on. You even learned to speak in a perfectly girly voice, just so you could have conversations through Skype with some of your new friends. They sure liked it when you moaned out loud for them.There is this guy you’re chatting with now. You would never admit it,not in a thousand years, but you’ve got such a crush on him. He’s polite, he is patient and he is smart. Real smart. He’s studying to become a PhD! And he’s handsome too. He’s sent you pictures. You spend almost every night talking, with hours going by and neither of you getting bored. You truly enjoy his company, but he hasn’t yet seen any pictures of you. He’s not asking for it, he is letting you decide when it is time, but you really feel obliged to send him something.

Normally you wouldn’t unless the guy really demanded it, but… He’s so sweet.You have thought about it. One guy send you a packet filled with girly clothes ones. You intended to simply through the packet away, but you couldn’t. You started wearing panties, and frankly, they fit you much more comfortably than any boxers. So, what would be the harm in shaving your legs and putting on a pair of girly socks? If you push your little manhood back between your thighs, you might even look passable.The worst thing about this situation you’ve found yourself in, is that you are happy. You go to bed each night with a huge smile on your face. You can’t wait until you get to hear from him again. You haven’t even asked him for money… you don’t want to exploit him. If he ever buys you something… well, then you want to make sure he is rightly rewarded for it.

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