“What has happened to me?” you ask your stepsister, when you wake up and you realize that you are now a woman, that you have long hair, breasts, wide hips, you look similar to your stepsister.

“You’re a girl now,” she replies. “why” you ask. “Because my mom and I were fed up with having you in the house, so we decided to turn you into a woman so that we can all together live as women.

You were unable to understand everything your stepsister said. “But let me tell you that now you are my little sister and you will be for your whole life so I am going to have to teach you everything about being a woman and we are going to have fun so put on your clothes that I have left you to do your makeup and let’s go out partying, “she said.

You put on the sexy red dress your step-sister gave you, and she did your makeup and started giving you tips on how to be a girl. Already in the club she made you made you flirt with several guys. By the end of the night, you already made out with 3 guys..

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