“lt amazes me how much I’ve grown to like being in Tabatha’s body after Hating it a few days ago.” thought Mike “I was totally pissed when she swapped bodies with me and went on my tropical vacation with my girlfriend. I went on a rant until l fell asleep. I was more annoyed than angry the next day until I found Tab’s phone and read the texts between her and my girlfriend Kelly. I was under the impression that she had Kelly fooled into believing that Tabatha was me. That bitch not only knew that it was Tab, she helped her plan it. Next I wanted to know how she did it so I began searching her room for something that I thought that I would know it when I saw it. After I found the Book Of Spells in the back of her closet, I decided that since they wanted to be together, they should always be that way. I really think I’m going to enjoy being Tabatha. I hope that Mike and Kelly are happy together. I’m happy for them.”

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