What started as love devolved into the greatest nightmare Oliver could ever imagine. The love of his life, the woman he lived with, shared his life with, worshipped the ground of for eight years left him for another man. Oliver was devastated. He lost the will to live. He closed himself in his apartment and drank himself senseless. As Oliver started hitting bottom, his friends planned an intervention. His friends knew Oliver would be dead before long if he kept on his current path. Oliver fought the intervention. He didn’t care about life anymore. But his friends knew what Oliver needed to enjoy life again. But Oliver didn’t want another girlfriend. His friends knew that. They knew he needed to start life over as a girl. And his friends knew exactly where to go.

Oliver was taken on a small trip to Las Vegas to meet a group of casino owners who were always looking for the right kind of help. Mafia-owned casinos were always looking for the “right” kind of help. When Oliver was shown what his new life would be like, his eyes showed sparkle for the first time since you know who left him. Oliver accepted the offer to work as Natalie. The permanent changes were made and Oliver went right to work. He has never been happier in his life. One day he saw a couple on vacation down in the casino and noticed it was his old girlfriend. The guy she was with looked miserable, so did his girlfriend. Oliver smiled to himself and knew he made the right choice, that life had treated him well after all.

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