Spring Break !!

Mark was determined not to let his estrogen poisoning ruin his spring break. For three months his body had been undergoing the radical transformations that come with EP and had left him with a beautiful female body, and for three months he had been holed up in his room. Now that school was over and all of his friends were heading off for spring break, he made his first steps into his new life by joining them. Mark had his mother give him a crash course in being a woman; how to talk, walk and act like a girl. By the time he left for vacation, much of what he had learned had become almost second nature.

So with his bags packed full of feminine clothing such as bras and bikinis, Mark ventured off to the lake for the first time as a woman. Much to his surprise, all of his friends welcomed him back with open arms. For the first few days it was challenging for Mark to be on his own in his new body, but with the support of his former girlfriends, he eventually unwound and began to relax. Everything felt natural to Mark by the end of the week. He started to enjoy the stares he got from the guys when he wore his bikini, and he even enjoyed teasing them about it. The estrogen poisoning had run its course and while it is never easy for any man to endure, Mark has overcome its challenges and become a confident young woman.

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