Spoonful of something good !!

Nathan stared wide-eyed at Irene as she sat down in front of him and gave him a big smile. Nathan liked it when Irene came because it usually meant good things. Somewhere at the back of his mind he knew who Irene was and why she was so interested in him but he couldn’t place it and he didn’t worry about it too much.”Hello Natalie,”Irene said, that is nice dress you have on today, it is very pretty.” “Thank you Irene” Nathan replied. He looked down at the dress. He wasn’t too sure what was nice and what wasn’t but if Irene said it was nice then it must be. “Look!” he said and lifted up the front the dress to show Irene his underwear. “My new panties, they are nice too.” Irene giggled and brought her hand up to her mouth as she caught sight of white midi panties with a delicate lace trim and a bow at the front. “They are very pretty Natalie, but a good girl doesn’t lift her dress up in public.” Now Nathan smiled and both girls laughed at the joke.Just then a woman arrived. Nathan wasn’t sure what her name was but he knew she was important and that he had to behave. Irene turned to talk to the woman and Nathan listened although he didn’t really understand what they were saying.

“Hello Irene,” the woman said, “how is young Nathan doing today?” “Hello Dr. Annabelle. He seems to be okay, but he is still very immature.” “I know, the initial process requires intense hypnotic reprogramming the men to wipe away all memory of their masculinity,” Dr. Annabelle explained.”Then we let them rapidly ‘grow up’ again as a girl. Right now Nathan is about five-years old but he will soon mature to be a fine young woman.” “Five years old?” Irene laughed pointing at Nathan’s perfect cleavage. “I hope he doesn’t get any bigger as he matures.” Now it was Dr. Annabelle’s turn to laugh. Nathan knew both women were talking about him and he shyly looked away. “We’ve been giving him a lot of hormones in those yogurts and you can see how much he has progressed over the last two months, but don’t worry, it will all fall into place in the end. Your husband will have made a perfect transformation from male to female by the time we have finished with him.” Irene looked at her husband. His skin was smooth and soft, his auburn hair hung about his shoulders, and even his movements were totally feminine.

It really was amazing what the institute had achieved, but then again, that was exactly what she wanted. “Well, I leave you two at it,” Annabelle said. “He’s due from some more hormones now, along with some other goodies to keep him docile while we work on them. It’s all here mixed up together with some yogurt.”Dr Annabelle gave Irene a container and as she walked away Irene turned to talk to Nathan again. “Now,” Irene said, “I’ve brought you some more medicine to eat.” Nathan shrugged. He didn’t like the medicine. It tasted sweet but also had a bitter taste he didn’t like. He screwed up his face. Irene opened the container and dipped a spoon in. “Now come on Natalie, be a good girl and I will brush your hair out for you later,” Irene crooned as she brought the spoon up to his mouth. Nathan shrugged again but obediently opened his mouth. He thought about having his hair brushed while Irene fed him femininity, one spoon at a time.

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