Spending time as my Wife !!

I took this photo right after I swapped bodies with my wife Caroline. It was the first day of our vacations when she showed me a device that could swap our bodies. I was really curious about it so we decided to use it and have some fun in each other’s bodies. After the swap, I couldn’t hold my excitement. It was so amazing to be in a woman’s body. The breasts that moved and jiggled or the way my hips were swaying when I was walking. Everything about her body felt so different and weird. After checking out our bodies we decided to go out so Caroline helped me to dress in her clothes. As we were wandering around the town I noticed that a lot of guys were checking me out. I didn’t blame them after all my wife is hot. We had so many plans for the day and what we could do in each other’s bodies but we didn’t make half of it.

Our curiosity and new desires were taking over so we got back to the hotel where we ended up in bed. This was the best time I ever had. The whole hotel probably heard us but we didn’t care. After that, we decided to keep our swap for the whole vacations. I must admit I feel great as a woman. I never thought I will say that since I’ve been always pretty masculine but I like wearing dresses and skirts, they make me feel so feminine and pretty. My wife seems to enjoy being the man in our relationship as well. She can’t stop talking about how great it is. At the end of our vacations, we made a very important decision. Since l liked to be a woman much more and my wife enjoyed being a man we decided to stay like this. We left the device in the hotel room so we won’t be tempted to use it ever again. We got back home into our new roles where Caroline will be my husband while I’ll be his lovely wife.


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