Special Valentine’s Surprise !!

It was finally Valentine’s Day! And, this time, he had someone to be with on this special day. Surprisingly, his girlfriend had told him that she would be the one planning the whole thing. Eager to finally be able to take part in Valentine’s Day, he agreed. He went to her house early in the morning, as scheduled. He had no idea what she had planned but he trusted her. She came out of her apartment and told him: “First, we need to make ourselves look even better than ever”. So, she first took him to a salon. He thought she just wanted to have company while she makes herself pretty for him. Not exactly. She decided to offer him a trip to the salon too, while they were there. They completely shaved him. It was painful and it kept going on for a long time. He endured it for his love that was supporting the same thing as him in front of him. Then, they proceeded to do his nails, french manicure style.

Then, they tried to apply make-up on his face. He was reluctant. But ended up letting them do it after being convinced by his lovely girlfriend. He just laughed it out when it was done. They went to a hairdresser and, there, he was convinced again. He ended up with a girl’s haircut, same as his girlfriend. Then, they went to a restaurant. It was nice, would have been nicer if people didn’t look at him as if he was a woman. After eating, she insisted on going shopping. Before knowing what was happening, with the help of the clerk, they were able to convince him in putting on a pink dress, quite short. She ended up buying him a pair of assorted heels. They were now walking on the streets both looking nearly the same, only the dress color was different since she wore a blue one. At the end of the day, they went to a suite and were having dinner on the balcony. That’s when she said it “Every single day, you made me feel like the prettiest woman so today, I tried to make you feel the cutest. I love you, happy valentine’s day.” Share the love for Valentine’s day!

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