Sophie the Office Girl !!

Oh, my God. Some stupid guy’s staring at me! What do I do? Is he hot? How should I know, I don’t swing that way. But I suppose he’d look hot to an actual woman. I’ll throw him a quick smile, but I’ll continue walking. I am not going to pay any more attention to him. This is right, this is what a woman would do. Be flattered. Nothing more. But yeah, got to be flattered. I spent a stupid amount of money on these puppies.

I guess no-one can tell them from the real deal, huh? It’s amazing seeing how guys react when they see a couple of big tits. They become, like, mesmerised or something. I wondered how to make the disguise work, turns out all I needed was a couple of juicy implants. “Hey, girl!” the man shouted. “Aw come ‘an, don’t walk away. Let me talk to you first!” It is laughable how pathetic some guys get when you ignore them. Let me guess how humiliated he’d be if he saw the junk I’ve got tucked in my underwear. Yup, that is what matters. I can cut the hair, loose the make-up, get some surgeon to remove these tits. When it comes down to it I am the manliest son of a bitch in this city. Just another year of being Sophie the office girl, then I’ll be back in the clubs. Showing that guy, and the suckers like him, how a real smooth professional pick up chicks. Besides, I know how they feel now. 

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