Son Comes Back as a Daughter !!

“Don’t think I did not hear you playing just now, Missy! Did I give you permission to touch my piano? No?” I heard my “father” sternly say as he entered the room. I thought he was at work.I remember being called a “prodigy” when I was younger.I was just five years old and I could play the piano better than my parents, who were both classically trained pianists. They were amazed at my skill, and they loved showering me with compliments. They both wanted me to become a world famous pianist, one day.Sure, I felt some pressure, but most I liked the music. I found it easy to copy the sounds that I heard coming from the radio. It wasn’t that hard for me to master the piano. I did not require any training, whatsoever. And maybe that is what lead to me to taking it for granted. I never really bothered displaying my talents to anyone. I was too chronically lazy to become a successful musician.”You miss it, don’t you?” Father said as he walked towards me. “The piano.Playing it. Too bad that I won’t give you permission unless you have been a good daughter.” I wasn’t a good kid, either. My parents ended up disowning me, believe it or not. I even became homeless for a bit. It’s not as if I blame myself for it, after all, parents are supposed to love their kids unconditionally, but I also realise that I lack the kind of discipline needed to live a decent life. Without my parents guidance, I ended up taking a lot of drugs… and I those drugs had a severe negative effect on my growing. It’s hard to believe that I am about to turn twenty-six, and still I am only five foot tall.

“No, sorry Father,” I said, staring at the floor. “I guess that… when I am not allowed to play the piano all I can think about is playing it. I really do miss it.” Father found me when I was at my worst. I hadn’t played a piano in several years, but I still had the talent lying dormant within me. He offered me a chance to play for him. I thought it was strange that he offered me a place to stay just so that I could play the piano for him, but it made no sense for me to refuse the offer. I’d get to eat food and sleep under a roof. It seemed like the perfect arrangement.Turns out that he recognised me from when I was younger. He was one of the adults who tried to get me to play piano on a stage when I was a teenager.I probably treated him like dirt. I treated most adults who tried to get me to put some effort into my playing like dirt. He told me that I once refused to show up for a performance I had agreed to do. I had even signed a contract.He had to, in total embarrassment, tell the audience that the show had been cancelled. The show was for charity.Believe it or not, I am a man. He’s been making me dress like his teenaged daughter for a year, and I can’t help but go along with it. I am so weak, and I really do rely on him. I know that without him I’d just end up homeless and drugged up like before. Apparently, these clothes were left behind by his real daughter who sadly passed away twelve years ago. Turns out, that charity blew off was supposed to raise money for her treatment.”You are beautiful, dear,” he said and kissed me on my forehead. “Play something for your father. Why don’t you give Sibelius a try?I always loved his compositions.”

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