Liam was a chain smoker at the age of 26 years old, he was addicted to it and got to the point where he would smoke about 30 cigarettes a day. His girlfriend Stacy was furious with him and always nagged him. “Quit the disgusting habit! I’m actually worried for your health at the same time damn it!”

“Listen Stacy, I can quit anytime I want! I’m a man! You got that? ’coughs* For you women it’s much harder to quit an addiction!”

“What did you just say? Hold on a minute! So now you are being sexist?

I want you to apologise right now!”

“Fuck no bitch! You know I’m right!”

Liam shouted before walking away from the argument. Stacy was infuriated with this comment, and so in her anger she put a drastic and yet devious plan together.

The next day, Liam lights one up and takes a puff, as usual. But a minute later he began to feel strange. His clothes ripped off, exposing his body before all his body hair falls out.

“What the…?” His chest then begins to expand out, revealing a pair of breasts. He loses a massive amount

of leg and arm muscle, causing him to fall onto his knees, not even noticing how a tight purple top magically appeared covering his new boobs.

“Oh my god! What’s happening to me?” Liam shouts with a more girly, high pitched voice. Then for a second his vision is blocked by a massive weave of blonde, soft flock of hair. As he flicked his hair out the way, he saw how his hands were now daintier and had white nail extensions. “What the fuck! I’m a woman? Somebody help?”

Just then Stacy walks into the room with a massive smile on her face. ” I see the diva tags worked like a charm! Excellent!”

“What? You did this to me? But why? And how?”

“Well you see. when I heard about these magical cigarettes, I couldn’t resist. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to prove to me that you can quit anytime you like. They turn you into a woman, and the only way you can turn back into a man is it you don’t smoke another cigarette for 1 whole month.”

“What? You crazy bitch! How can I do that?” “You tell me mister, or should I say misses? You were the one who told me you can quit anytime you want, so now is your chance to prove that to me. I guess you will be staying as a woman for much longer than expected”  Liam could only sit there, staring at Stacy in anger, knowing she got the best of him, while the smoke emitting from the lit cigarette in his hand continued to flow up his nose and into his lungs.


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