Alan was thrilled when he realized he would have the whole afternoon alone at home with nothing to do but explore his sister’s clothes cupboard. He started off by taking a long hot shower and then carefully waxed his legs, arms, armpits, and body. Feeling very smooth and girly he headed to Estelle’s bedroom and began by reviewing her underwear drawer. He pulled out one pair of panties after another, trying on silk bikini panties, lacy thongs, and cotton midi underwear with pretty patterns that felt so cozy. After carefully selecting a pair of silk panties, he found a matching lacy bra and set to work on Estelle’s clothes cupboard. For hours on end he paraded around her bedroom in a dizzying display of dress and miniskirts, tight pants and leggings, soft tops and clinging bodies.

At last, he was exhausted and settled down on Estelle’s bed to have a short nap. Before very long he was deep asleep and didn’t even hear Estelle when she came home and into her room. Once she had recovered from her initial shock, she set about taking some pictures of her sleeping brother as he lay on her bed in a revealing top and shorts. She was going to send them to her friends but then she had a better idea. She opened her laptop and logged on to her Skype account then invited all her friends to a conference video call. When they were all online, she held up her computer with a flourish and listened to the gasps of surprise from the girls as they saw Alan. Then she gently began to call his name until he started to stir, making sure the girls could see everything that was going on…



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