Sister’s Punishment !!

Michael’s sister Ashley having found him in her clothes was the worst thing to have ever happened to him. He was normally very careful when he went into her room, but he had a stroke of bad luck when she burst back into her room to get her phone- finding him standing there, dumbstruck, dressed completely in her things. Of course, the first thing she could think of doing was to take pictures-lots of them- while her brother tried to run into her closet in shame. But it was no use. She had plenty of photo evidence now, and thus had the power to completely ruin his ife. His only hope was that their mother could somehow mediate the situation, but he soon found out that wasn’t an option- she decided Ashley could do whatever she wanted with him.

It was her privacy he pervertly invaded, anyway. Still, Michael didn’t expect this. Instead of chores or homework, Ashley had chosen his unlimited humiliation: From now on, whenever she would see him, he would have to be dressed completely in the outfit of her choice. And if he wasn’t, she would post all of her pictures to Facebook and subsequently ruin his life. What choice did he have? As Michael teetered in his sister’s five-inch heels in front of her floor-length mirror, she mocked him, commenting on how well he fit into her old clothes. “How long do I have to wear all this?” Michael begged, looking at the embarassing fake breasts on his chest. “For as long as I want, pervert,” she responded. “And seeing as though I’m not going to college for at least a year, that’s going to be a long time,” she smiled. “Oh, God.”

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