In My Sister’s Body (Part 2)

When he arrived in the busy center of town he wondered what to do next. He passed a women’s fashion shop and as he looked through the window at the women trying on clothes he had a sneaky idea. Why not? he thought to himself and walked in. He browsed some of the shelves and picked up a top without really looking at it. Then he headed for the changing rooms at the back. He went through a curtain and found himself in front of a line of cubicles with curtains across the front. He walked along the line looking for an empty cubicle but they all seemed to be full of women trying on clothes. Most of them didn’t bother closing their curtain properly and everywhere he looked there were girls in bras and panties, pulling on clothes or taking them off. John laughed to himself as he enjoyed the view but there weren’t any cubicles free and he didn’t want to wait too long or someone might get suspicious. He changed his dress and wore a sizzling silver dress.He left and pulled the same stunt in another five shops before he started getting thirsty.

He headed for a bar but without any money he could only sit at the bar and hope he wouldn’t be asked to leave. John needn’t have worried. With his long blonde hair and legs he was soon bought a drink by a man who looked at least twice his age. John felt very uncomfortable having a man flirt with him but at least he was getting a drink for free. However, when his would-be suitor started putting his hand on John’s knee he decided he had had enough. He made his excuses left praying that the man wouldn’t follow him. By then there were more people out on the streets looking for some fun. Everywhere he went there seemed to be another guy whistling at him, hitting on him, or just plain leering. John looked at his watch, and was pleased to see it was nearly time to meet Clarissa. He walked back home and as he arrived home his next door neighbour tried to engage him in a conversation. It made John very uncomfortable to see how the neighbour, a man older enough to be his father, kept looking at his cleavage and running his eyes up and down his legs. Did Clarissa really get this all the time?

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