Sisterhood !!

They’re my friends, and they might be a little flamboyant but they are nice to me. No, I never expected to become friendly with them, they are a far cry from my previous friends. But I like them and they seem to like me. They have invited me to places I never thought I’d find myself in, and I while I am not super-comfortable with everything they put me through, it is nice getting to experience different things.I never would have thought that I’d be backstage for a drag show before but now I’ve even got a little badge to prove that I am here because they want me! It is nice to feel wanted.Oh yeah, on this picture you have, from left or right,Brandon, Aaron, me, and Eric. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; you thought that was just a guy with three girls right? Yeah, they’re pretty convincing. It hardly seems right that they should be so hot, even real girls are jealous! The only thing that might make you think they’re not really women are their heights. Brandon is 6’2″ (and that is without wearing heels!) But even knowing that these girls are actually guys doesn’t stop the men from flirting with them, they sure have plenty of admirers.How did they get to know me?

Well, I worked at one of the clubs where they were performing and, this is a little embarrassing to tell you, but they actually thought I was a woman when they first saw me. So, they asked me why l dress like such a tomboy! I had to laugh, because they of all people should be able to tell whether a person is male or female! So, I corrected them and told them that I was a boy and they apologised profusely, but I just laughed and told them it was okay. It’s no the first time I have been mistaken for a woman.Ever since then they’ve been super friendly towards me. We hang out a lot, and they’ve decided to make a “honorary drag sister.” That’s what they call themselves, “drag sisters.” guess that it makes me proud to have such dedicated friends, but I am a little worried that they may have the wrong idea about me. I am not gay or anything, but they seem to think that I am. At least, they always keep asking me whether or not I want to dress up like them as they go out “looking for straight guys to fuck.” I laugh, because I think they’re joking, but things have gotten a lot more serious lately.This badge they got me, it says that I am a “background dancer.”I had to sign some contract to get it, and I barely paid attention to what it said… Did I just agree to something I shouldn’t have?

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