Sister Gives me a Makeover !!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why would I ever have thought that my sister wouldn’t try to humiliate me? Why would I ever have thought that she had any ounce of compassion in her shrivelled and frozen heart.It’s my fault, I know. I know my sister and I know how she treats me. She waved some banknotes in front of me and was stupid enough to bite. I took her bait, and now I have to sit here like some obedient girl and pretend that everything’s OK. As if I am not feeling mortified, right now.She always teased me for my long hair. Of course, I told her over and over that all my friends have hair as long as mine. I am in a band, and we play extreme heavy metal.We’ve been leaning more into death metal, lately, but I am big into all heavy music. I’m a metalhead, and my long hair is a proud symbol of that. And I used to be proud of it.She is studying to become a stylist and hairdresser.I hardly understand why she needs to study that, like it’s some kind of academic accomplishment to learn how to handle a scissor, but she gets to do whatever she wants with her life.

In any case, she offered me a hundred bucks if I allowed myself to become her guinea pig. She was gonna give me a make-over, and I thought ‘what the hell.’ I was willing to let my hair be cut for a hundred. My friends may say that I ‘betrayed the metal gods,’ but c’mon! Money is money. And hair grows back. What’s the harm? Well,I should have known that my sister wasn’t planning on cutting my hair.I am not terribly good at dealing with boredom. I like to have a little snooze when I have to wait for things to happen. So, as I was dozing off, my sister continued to work on my hair. I was quite shocked when I woke up.Now she tells me that I must join her at her school tomorrow so that she can show me off to her teachers. I want to say no, but she won’t give me the money if refuse. And then this will all have been for nothing. But do I have to wear a skirt and heels? She’s evil, just straight-up evil. My sister is the Devil, and I should know.

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