“Jodie, what did you do to your brother?” the twins’ mother exclaimed, as she came into her back garden to find two girls leaning against the fence.

“Well, while you were away, me and Josh got into an argument about how easy boys had it compared to girls and one thing led to another…’, Jodie replied, smiling and putting an arm round her twin brother, feeling the soft and feminine

“What did you do to him? He looks…nice,” her mother inquired, struggling to put into words her surprise.

“Well,” Jodie began, “I waxed off all his body hair and he said that wasn’t that bad. Then I took him to the salon and got him a spray tan. He said that wasn’t that bad. Next, | had the stylist dye his hair and add extensions. Apparently, that wasn’t so bad either. Josh wasn’t bothered when | did his makeup either or when | zipped him into a black dress.”

“So being a girl isn’t that bad then, Josh?” the twins’ mother asked her feminized son.

“It wasn’t that bad until she started the training,” her son replied in a soft girly voice, “The diet and exercise I can deal with, but the voice lessons are like, totally a pain.”

A sly smile spread across Jodie’s face, “And tell mother what the next step in your training is, Jessica.”

Josh sighed and said, “| have to go on a double date with Jodie and her two football player friends.”

“Oh my,” his mother gasped, “You really are determined to prove your sister wrong, Josh!”

“It’s in the bag, mother,” he replied and walked off to the house, his hips swaying like a girl.

Jodie’s mother watched Josh mince off and whispered, “Make sure your friend doesn’t take advantage of a pretty girl like Josh.”

“I will do, mother,” Jodie laughed, “Anyway if he does take advantage, I’ll make sure he uses protection with my little sis.”

The two of them burst out laughing and Jodie’s mother dreamed of a new life with more identical twins…

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