Yes, this would do. With the white cotton panties, he’d selected earlier pulled taut around his hips, they would do in concealing the little secret between his legs. Ever since his sister had walked in on him playing with her clothes, she’d argued that if he was going to dress like a woman, then he might as well look like one too. He hadn’t had much say in the matter, one snap of the camera was all it had taken to seal his fate. Over the last few months, she’d ordered him to keep himself entirely shaven and had refused to let him cut his hair His hair had since grown out, far past his shoulders, which she had trimmed into a more feminine style. Putting on a bra had become second nature to him now, though the heels were still giving him a bit of trouble.

The four-inch platforms she’d made him wear hurt his feet something awful, but at least he wasn’t falling down in them anymore. He had 57 minutes before the dates his sister had found for them would arrive and he intended on using every one of those minutes to make himself appear as convincing as possible. He hated doing it, but the alternative, getting found out, was undoubtedly much much worse. His sister certainly wasn’t making it any easier for him, having insisted on him wearing one of her tight black mini’s. His date it seemed, had a rather extreme fetish of short skirts. He could only hope that the only undressing she’d allow his date do to him tonight would be with his eyes.

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