My sister’s boyfriend obviously knew I was a sissy boy. And he had a difficult time not staring at me while in the same room. I helped attract his attention by being a proper little tease whenever he came to our house. I always wore my tiniest shorts and thinnest tops so he could see my bikini tan lines. And I loved brushing my body against his whenever the opportunity arose. One Friday evening, I eavesdropped at my sister’s bedroom door. He was begging her for relief. Apparently, my sister wasn’t willing to even touch his hard-on. And I thought I was a tease! I raced to the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes and put them in the hamper. I wrapped my naked body in a towel, opened the bathroom door and then hid behind the shower curtain.

He soon came in the room and immediately saw my silhouette behind the plastic curtain. In a soft, sexy whisper, I asked him to close and lock the door. After he’d completed that task, I asked him to open the curtain. Standing there, covered only by a towel in front of a guy with a massive hard-on, I was turned on! But I somehow regained control of my arousal. Motioning to the rod in his pants, I asked if he needed help with that. Without further warning, I dropped the towel and let him see my smooth body with its little, pink prong of a peenie. And that’s when the fun began…

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