Yes baby girl, look at all the people laughing at you. Don’t look so shocked , they had no idea about your presence here. I invited them over for my wedding with a mysterious woman. They didn’t expect it to be you, my former boss and mob kingpin. You think you can leave the mob, and leave your men for dead huh? And for what? A woman? Thank goodness I had your location tracked otherwise you almost fled the town. It took one phone call to your arch rival and you were caught on the boat trying to run like a little bitch with your girl. You lost complete control over the empire and were at the mercy of your capturers. As my reward for getting you caught, they did this to you. They operated on you for weeks and turned you into my sissy bride. You are under my protection and as you can see, these men would have killed you at first sight but instead they are laughing at you and mocking you. Why don’t you kiss me and shake your sexy ass for them? Or better lift your skirt up so they can all take a peek at my sissy bride’s cock. I would love to look at their reaction when they see my name tattooed on your ass.

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