Sinister Intentions !!

“Jeremy, l’d like to thank you again for stepping in for Cassandra-I know that bodysuit’s uncomfortable but I just need you in it for another… four minutes.” “Why do you keep looking at your watch like that?” “Huh? I’m not. I mean, it’s time-based. …The photo session, I mean.” “Time based? Why?” “Because that’s how long it takes to set! -I mean, that’s how long we should be on the set.” “Look, this bodysuit is starting to burn. Can’t I just take it off for a few minutes?” “No!… We’re almost done. Don’t touch the seam. “Really Don, I feel like it’s…” “It’s nothing. Trust me. One more minute. Just one more minute.” “Fine. But when that clock runs out l’m out of this thing!” “I bet,” Don said, smirking to himself.


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