Sight of a Pretty Dress !!

“Oh God please not the door Stop it! want to go back upstairs! Get me out of this stupid dress!” This was not the first time. In fact, this seemed to be happening to Dan.With increased regularity! His trigger was tha sight of a pretty dress, and from that point on he became powerless to fight the urge. His body automatically took control; feminising itself, applying make up and slipping into whatever had been planted in his room. The first time was a few weeks ago. Dan woke up and saw a purple dress strewn across tha fioor_ Ha was halfway through pulling on the sexy garment when he managed to snap out of it. Disturbed, he had thrown the dress out and cleared out all of his ex-girlfriend’s clothes and make-up from his house. One week later, though, Dan had woken up to the sight of a long, blue dress that he hadnt sean before and once again found himself a prisoner in his own body. Breast forms and make-up had been placed on his desk and he only managed to regain control halfway through applying his lipstick! Ha had yanked the dress in disgust, throwing out everything. He changed the locks to his apartment and got a new burglar alarm – just in case. Someone had to have been in his house to plant those things, and he wasnt going to let it happen again. The very next day, Dan had awoken and immediately looked onto the wedding dress. He sat through his entire make over – the make-up, the hair, right down to pulling on this long, heavy dress. How did it get there? Why was this happening? Ha was halfway down the stairs before his internal screams finally seemed to register. His body stopped itself…phew, that was close! He was at the door! Burning with embarassment, had turned to make his way up the stairs. He took a couple of successful steps but the sensation of the dress was overwhelming. Ha lost control for the last time as his head whipped around  his shoulder and he strode to the door. He even felt himself giggling as he stepped outside and shut the door behind him.

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