Short Girls are Cute – Tg Caption.

Yeah, they’ve always teased me for being small. Oh, ever since I was child I’ve had ‘tiny’ attached to my name. Tiny Louis. God forbid someone forget to bring up that I am tiny. Everyone has to know, apparently, because Tiny Louis must never forget. Like as if I could.It’s not like as if I am a pygmy or anything. I am not delusional enough to claim that I am not smaller than average, but they treat me like I am a pixie or an elf. Like as if I should be up at the north pole making toys for Santa. But, in my opinion, I am normal-sized surrounded by freakish giants. They’re the odd-looking freaks, not me So, knowing that I am more than a little insecure about my size, why would I agree to this ridiculous bet? They called me a coward, and I guess that I am pathetic enough to be bothered by that. But they also promised me cash. A lot of cash.Yes, I can’t refuse that irresistible allure of cash. I was willing to suffer through some temporary humiliation for easy money.

“What is that you’re drinking from, mate?” one of my friends, Lucas, asked. “Did you ask for the biggest cup of coffee they had? It’s bigger than your face!” Should I be concerned at how easily I can convince everyone, strangers and friends alike, that I am a girl? Sure, I should be panicked about it, and I should throw myself off some cliff while shouting madly at God for making me so pathetic. But I am not going to kill myself just ’cause I am not a big guy. And you know, if I look good like a girl that must indicate that I am attractive as a guy,too. Because there can’t be that much of a difference in what people consider to be attractive between the two genders.”What are you talking about, Lucas?”I said. “This is just a medium. It’s not that big.” Sure, these last few days I’ve been flirted with more than ever before. I actually have people calling be ‘cutie’ when they see me. The barista was especially nice to me, I even had to insist that I wanted to pay for my coffee and not just get it for free. Like, is this what all women go through? Shit, it’s gotta be easy to be female “Haha! Shit, dude,” Lucas said. ” forgot how damn small you are, you’re adorable!”

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