His girlfriend had warned him some time ago that if he ever tried to cheat on her, it would be the last time he would ever cheat on a woman again. However, he thought that Amber would never find him out and despite that had a one night stand a few times. Bad luck for him was that his last conquest had been her best friend who due to her guilty conscience, told Amber what had happened. He feared for his life when he saw Amber after she found out. However, she was calm and collective. She told him that she would disseize him from his cheating manhood. Since she worked in an experimental laboratory, she had access to resources he even couldn’t think off. As much as he pleaded to her for letting him go she began her work on him. The following week confirmed what she had said as he saw and felt himself changing more and more. The chemicals he was fed on with must have been very powerful since he transformed. He was much shorter now, his muscular structure had shrunk very much too, leaving him much weaker than before. His whole body structure has been changed.
Two weeks ago she had brought another woman with her, who had performed a very decisive operation on him. That day his last male parts were exchanged with the female counterparts. Also since that day he had to listen to subliminal CD’s when he slept which messed more and more with his mind. His university education was replaced with a much more modest one since he would just have to work as her secretary once the changes were finished. He began addressing his girlfriend as ‘Mistress Amber’ and was happy when she referred to him as ‘Lacy’. Today was his birthday and Amber told the new woman that it would also be the day of her release. Lacy awoke in a fresh arranged room and was very happy to finally be released from her bonds. As he was released from his punishment, he saw himself in the mirror.

“Oh my god, she really did take away my manhood. I can’t discover a trace of my former self anymore. l can’t even remember my real name. I can only think as myself as Lacy’!


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