Sexy Little Surprise !!

Kevin was always flirting with the three girls who lived next door. When they invited him over one afternoon while his wife Mel was out he could barely contain his glee. The girls were very flirtatious with him and before long they admitted that they all thought he was very cute. Kevin couldn’t believe his luck, and when the girls asked him if he would like to ‘have some fun’ he didn’t hesitate.
He was a little shocked when the girls told him that they loved dressing men in lingerie but by then they had seduced him enough that his common sense could no longer save him.
They convinced him to let them shave his body and then talked him into wearing a sexy black lace camisole and matching panties. They coaxed him into sheer stockings and heels and showed him how to walk in them. Between the smooth, soft lingerie, and the gentle touches of the girls he was completely seduced and like a puppy in their hands. Soon they had him begging for more, quite literally. The blindfolded him and tied a ribbon and bow around his neck and attached it to the bed.
They told him not to move because they had a surprise for him. Kevin knelt on the bed like a good boy, his hands up and tongue out like an obedient puppy, thrilled at what these kinky girls would think of next.
Then the door to the bedroom opened again and the girls returned.
“Kevin!” gasped Mel’s familiar voice. “What are you doing?”
Kevin had some explaining to do and he knew, no matter what he said, things were never going to be the same…


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