Series of Unfortunate Events !!

I couldn’t help but feel like I spent much of my time anymore going through life in something of a daze. I felt like I was basically on autopilot, and I wasn’t really living my life anymore. I suppose I had some right to be a bit out of it. After all, my life had recently been turned upside down. You see, up until recently, I was actually a 15-year-old boy named Matt. That all changed though on one fateful day about a month ago. You see, my girlfriend, Megan, and I were out on a date one Saturday night. I took her out to a movie and then we went to go grab a burger at a fast food joint. Then, all of a sudden, there was this bright flash of light. Next thing I knew, I was no longer sitting at the table with Megan. Rather, I found myself in the body of the woman who had been working the register. The general panic that ensued in the restaurant showed that I wasn’t the only person to get swapped. In fact, everybody in the place did. Before anybody could do anything, the place was swarmed by guys in black suits and sunglasses, claiming from one government agency or another.

They eventually explained that one of the patrons had actually stolen some experimental body swapping technology and had accidentally set it off. I personally suspected it was more likely we were an experiment by the government itself to test the technology. It didn’t really matter what the truth was, I suppose. In the end, we were all given new identities and lives and strongly urged to keep quiet about the whole thing. Megan ended up in the body of a man about the same age as the woman I’d ended up with, so since we knew each other, we were set up as a husband and wife. We were relocated to a city on the other side of the country, where “Mel” works construction and I have a job as a secretary. Since then, we’ve been trying to help each other with our new bodies and generally get used to being adults. I still find it hard to believe that I’m a woman, and a wife even. But I am determined to eventually come to terms with it and try to live my new life to the fullest…eventually.


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