“So he really bought it?”
“I told him that it was the policy at St. Swithin’s for all new teachers to spend a semester as a student. You’ll be making the contribution to the school as promised right?”
“Yes as long as we get to film the makeover and you let us have cameras in all the public areas in campus and his dorm room.”
“There won’t be any sleazy stuff. The school has a reputation.”

“No this is just going to be a very Orange is the New Black kind of reality show. You know, how does a normal heterosexual guy act when he has to pretend to be a schoolgirl at an all girl school. We’re calling it Undercover Schoolgirl.
Brian was overwhelmed with the whole idea that Headmistress had presented to him as a condition of employment. Being not only a freshman student but a girl? Still, he was desperate for a job and what Ms. Courtney said seemed to make sense. The place she sent him seemed like a Hollywood studio and they did the most amazing things. He didn’t even recognize himself and knew even naked no-one would know he wasn’t another girl. He hoped that the covering over his male parts held up so he didn’t embarrass himself.

“Class, I’d like you to meet Lorelei, she’s a new student and I want you to make her feel welcome.”
The girls had all been told and their parents had signed releases, the reduction in tuition for the semester certainly having some bearing. The girls had been encouraged to involve Lorelei in every feminine activity that they could. She was in for an intense semester. The headmistress hoped the show was a success, after all Lorelei was only a freshman.

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