Kevin’s girlfriend loved him, but unnoticed by Kevin she was pretty annoyed recently. She knew that everyone has a phase sometimes, but all Kevin could do is complain about things lately. It all started with a failed exam and ended with losing his side-job to bring home some money. One evening he came home and was again in a bad mood. As soon as Kevin’s girlfriend heard him complaining about that new job he got, which is by far below of his skills and knowledge, she started to mumble the words some old man in a weird store sold her the other day. Kevin on the other hand immediately felt weird and stopped complaining – but just until his chest started to expand and breasts formed under his sweater. In a high pitched voice, he screamed at his girlfriend for an explanation for the tits, voice, and at hair that just fell into his eyes and the “womanhood!! What happens here??” she heard the new women scream from the bathroom. A week later Kelly’s girlfriend was more than happy. Kelly was still angry about being a woman, having to go through her first period, dealing with the hair each morning, sitting down to pee and putting on that bra over her generous bust, but something changed about her personality as well. That old man was right” Kelly’s girlfriend thought, “my new girlfriend finds more subtle ways to complain and other issues she has as well.” Meanwhile, a self-confident Kelly hoped her new jacket would make men not stare at her boobs all the time anymore, “those are just for my lover.”

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