Secret Girlfriend !!

19 year old Joshua Dent had always wanted to go to university, and as the first person in his family to be accepted,his parents had been thrilled.Unfortunately Joshua was struggling, and by the third semester it was clear he was going to fail and have to leave university. He had one final exam grade but his paper was graded with a U, and he needed at least a C.In desperation he pleased with his tutor, the fifty year old professor Lionel Carson, to give him another chance. After closing his office door Professor Carson said that in order to change Joshua’s grade he would need something very specific in return.”You’re a very attractive young man, slim and quite feminine, and I have to say that in many lectures l’ve daydreamed about how you might look as a woman, so here’s the deal.I will buy clothes and makeup and you come over to my house this weekend and dress up as a girl. Do that and I’Il up your grade.” Joshua was shocked, but he really needed that C. “Just dress up, right?” The Professor nodded. 

The weekend came and Joshua nervously made his way to the professor’s house. He was shaking as the old man led him to a bedroom where a variety of clothes, wigs and makeup were waiting.After an hour Joshua went downstairs to show the professor his transformation. “Wow, you’re even more beautiful than I expected,” said the professor. Joshua found he blushed at the compliment.So you’ll up my grade?” “Of course. You’ll get a D now.” Joshua was on the verge of tears “D? But I need a C? You promised! You said you’d up my grade!” “And I will, to a D. l’m afraid if you want a C you’re going to have to do more than just dress up, Joshua. Now why don’t you come and sit beside me and we can talk about how you can improve your grade? Oh and I think, whilst you’re dressed, I’ll call you Josie.” He patted the seat beside him. “Come on, Josie, do you want to fail?” Joshua was scared and disgusted, but he couldn’t fail it would devastate his parents.”Why don’t you start by giving me a kiss?” Professor demanded.Joshua was scared but he had no choice as he leaned in for kiss.Joshua had to be Josie every weekend and was his Professor’s young secret girlfriend !!

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