Secret Admirer !!

When the invitation arrived 30 year old Dennis Smith was horrified. He had never told anyone about his feminine alter ego Jane, and was suddenly terrified that someone was going to reveal his secret to the world, unless he attended this ‘party’. It wasn’t phrased like a blackmail letter, but there was a clear inference that if he didn’t show up the person could ruin him. As Friday approached however, he found that, although apprehensive, he was also intrigued. He had no idea who his #1 fan could be, he never went out dressed as Jane, and rarely used the name online.Could his fan be Ronald, his 50 year old neighbour? Ronald worked from home, and maybe he’d come round to visit and inadvertently seen Dennis dressing as Jane?

Could the admirer be his boss, 45 year old Larry? They did sometimes have to share the same computer at work,has Dennis left some clue in the browser history? The only other suspect was the local postman, the shaven headed Jimmy. Dennis was careful to use discreet mail-order companies to buy his clothing, but maybe he hadn’t been careful enough.Now, as Jane stands here in a room full of balloons, with the clock showing 7.55pm, she knows that the identity of her #1 fan will soon be revealed. Who will it be, and what will he expect from her? Dennis is scared, but Jane is getting quite excited.

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