Second Thoughts!!

Can I come in now David?
Oh my, look at you! Aren’t you just the cutest thing!
You think so?
Yes, you’ve done a fabulous job on your makeup and hair and that little white lingerie is just the cherry on top. I think our clients are really going to enjoy you.
Well, that’s the thing, I’m kind of having second thoughts on the job.
What, why? You look beautiful dear are you worried you’re not convincing enough?

No it’s not that. It’s just cross-dressing has always been a secret personal thing for me. I never really wanted to show this side of me to the public but given I’m desperate for cash I thought I should apply. I never thought I would get this far and now I’m here I’m not sure I should be.
Oh, my sweet boy I know it’s scary at first. Most of the girls here were once like you but now they thrive as girls and feel better for it. We will take it slow and show you the ropes.
Thanks but I’m not sure anymore.

Trust me, David, you will regret it if you don’t. I shouldn’t really be telling you this but given how authentic and pretty you are – I am willing to pay you double to stay.
Double!? But that will mean I’m on nearly $1000 a week!
That’s right dear. I look after my girls especially ones as pretty as you. I see great things in your future and I think you are perfect for this job. So will you reconsider?


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