When Andrew went into that fortune tellers shop to have his palm read, he never thought his night would end like this; only $20 the sign read. As she began to read his palm, she sensed he was leading a second life. You like to wear women’s clothes, don’t you?” said the teller

“You can see that from reading my palm?”

“I see a lot. I can see that you are very curious about being a woman. I can help with that if you want. I know a few spells I can cast but they are very expensive and I take cash only for them; $500 for the full body experience.“ After a quick trip to the ATM, Andrew handed over the money. The fortune teller said a few chants and instantly Andrew was changed into Amy. Before Amy left, the fortune teller gave her some instructions-she was a 100% woman and she could do whatever a real woman could do; especially get pregnant; since Amy has never been on the pill, her chances were 1000% time more likely. If she wanted to be changed back into a man, she would have to be back before midnight; otherwise, the changes would be permanent.

So Amy was off into the world only wearing Andrew’s clothes and armed with his credit card. She quickly found a day spa close by and got her hair and nails done. Next, she found a clothing store and bought some beachwear. She was enjoying her day of pampering. As she sat at the outdoor café, drinking a glass of Moscato, a good looking guy stopped and started hitting on her. Amy thought it was great; she loved the attention she was getting. He invited her to a party he was going to and would love for her to come; she said she would but would need to leave by 11:30. She was having a great time, making new friends and wondering if anyone knew what was really going on. Her date brought her one more drink before they left, Amy thought it tasted a bit different than the others but still drank it. She was awakened by the sun in her eyes. Amy rolled over in bed and saw the guy she went to the party with. As she lifted the covers, she saw they were both naked and he had morning wood. Amy knew what was done was done, so she did what any good date would do in the morning and that was to suck off her new baby’s daddy.

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