School Teacher !!

“You sound so much like Mrs. Richardson when you go on and on about how important it is to study hard,” Mark mocked me a l fruitlessly tried to make him focus on our shared assignment. “Like, dude? “Because, asshat, if you fail this course then I will fail too,” l said. “It’s not my fault that the teachers thought it’d be a good idea to make us two work together.” “You better watch it, you faggot,” Mark growled. “If you were as hot as Mrs. Richardson then maybe I’d pay attention to this bullshit, but I have got better things to do than wasting my time here with a sissy like you.

“Oh, so now I look like a girl, do I?” I said trying to sound hard. “So, if I show up here tomorrow wearing a skirt and my mom’s pantyhose, will you actually do some work?” I’m assuming that Mark is playing some prank on me. There is no way that I look anything near as hot as that milf Mrs. Richardson. But he has begun listening to what I am trying to teach him, so I’ll go with it. It’s weird to be playing dress-up in front of the school’s worst ass, sure, but if it’s what I need to do, then fine. I refuse to fail this and risk my future academic chances just ’cause Mark’s an douchebag. He keeps throwing crumbled balls of paper at the blackboard. Man, being a teacher must suck. “What’s the matter with you, Mark?” sighed. “If you want to spend the rest of the day staring at my ass while I’m picking up your trash, then fine. Keep staring as much as you want..

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