“We told you to get a suitcase. That was it, a regular suitcase! This one is too small!”
“But this was on sale! How could I say no?”
That was the problem, the gang had realized. The plan had been foolproof…get Damien to infiltrate the school as a student, to access the massive amounts of cash tucked away in the chancellor’s office by foreign students. Dickie had put together the paperwork. Two Thumbs had cased the joint.

And Specs had done the hard work, turning Damien into “Dee”, a student at St. Rosin’s Prep. But Damien had done too good a job. He’d gone overboard with the “temporary” hypnosis, and now Damien was stuck. One planning session she blew off to get hair done. The original date of the heist didn’t work because there was a dance. And they’d lost a whole month because Dee thought one of the foreign students “was so nice!”. At least when they’d had a fight over some boy, that obstacle was removed. It was a perfect plan, but it was getting ruined by a guy who turned out to be a perfect girl.


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