Ryan is Transformed into Rachel !!

While most boys at The Stephanie Academy came there voluntary to become girls, there were a few boys like Ryan who were enrolled by parents that either wanted a daughter or their son was so out of control they felt turning them into a girl was the only way to control them. Ryan, who was in his second year and had come to accept the fact he was becoming a girl, that he was Rachel now, the hormones, the constant feminization,being around so many boys that actually wanted to be girls and like many of the other boys he knew he was going to be undergoing sex reassignment surgery soon, he just gave up trying to fight it.

But as he stood there in his white gown, the obvious effects the hormones had had on him, havinq spent all morning on his hair and makeup, knowing his parents were here, Jason, his escort who’s 15 years older than him put his arm out and said “Hard to believe you’re that same boy that came here saying he’d never get turned into a girl, now look at you, you’re the all-american girl now, maybe later we can get together and i’ll show you what a real man is like, what do you say sissy?” Ryan just looked at him, part of him felt sick that he was being hit on by a boy, but part of him was turned on that he was pretty enough to have a boy think he was pretty, damn female hormones he thought, he turned to him and whispered “I’m in room 205, don’t make me wait”

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